Another Program ETI Units Support

In 1991, AN/UYK-70 was established as the Common Open Systems Implementation Program (COSIP). It was a database of computers and sub-elements for computer systems to meet naval requirements. It included the Advanced Display System(ADS). The AN/UYQ-21 was issued in 1993. SSDS, ACDS, and the later AEGIS systems were the first applications of AN/UYK-70. In 1996 AN/UYK-70 systems were used to supplement AEGIS upgrades.

ETI's systems are in use supporting this program, including examples below:

AN/UYQ-70 US Navy ETI0001-2250
AN/UYQ-70 US Navy ETI0001-2250AB
AN/UYQ-70 US Navy ETI0001-1450
AN/UYQ-70 US Navy ETI0001-1451
AN/UYQ-70 US Navy ETI0001-1451AA



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